Yoga & Mindfulness Programs

Little Yogis (5-8) by Little Yogis Toronto

Little Yogis is a Yoga & Mindfulness program for children. In every Little Yogis class we learn yoga through stories, music, games, creative-play and lots of imagination! 

Music Classes

Kindermusik Classes by Kindermusik

In my music classes for toddlers, babies, big kids, and families, we sing, dance, giggle, hop, travel on imaginative adventures, cuddle, play instruments, share ideas, read stories, celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and more!

Dance Classes

Happy Feet Dance

Coming Soon

Educational Acting

Educational Acting by Sparx Studio

Sparx Studio is a kids educational-based acting studio that expands upon social-emotional learning objectives used in Ontario’s curriculum and integrates them within popular and fun acting activities!

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