Classes at Kidnasium


For those looking for more of a challenge, this is the program for you! Students will learn basic to advanced gymnastic skills on all our equipment while developing coordination, strength and flexibility. Class age group placements can be determined according to our trained coaches assessment. We look forward to welcoming our future gymnasts to our center at Kidnasium!

Ninja Zone

Mini Parkour Program at Kidnasium! An action packed 45 minute class filled with obstacle course training, running, jumping, climbing, swinging and rolling! This is the perfect class for energetic children who needs a challenging and active class to help build strength, endurance, and discipline.

Play & Discovery

For babies to children up to 5 years these interactive classes offer a variety of gymnastics games, and play time at Kidnasium with the guidance of our trained coaches. Babies and tots will be assisted by their parents on the soft structures. For children who are ready to be in a class by themselves, Kinder classes incorporate interactive games and basic gymnastic skills, listening activities, individual and group play.

Kidnasium Mixer

Your ultimate gym class! Each week participants will experience an exciting motor skills program while increasing their physical fitness and literacy. We will rotate between our gymnastics skills training, cosmic kids yoga, fitkidz, and ninja warrior classes. This is a great option for children who love a variety of active activities!

Music & Play

Our Music and Play class features 15 minutes of gross motor play and interaction on soft equipment followed by 30 minutes of singing, dancing, instruments and fun! The music portion of this program is taught by Music with Drew who brings a full-sized electric piano, and lots of smaller instruments for the little ones. Tots and adults are encouraged to play along and keep rhythm, sing, and follow simple movements to nursery rhymes and songs from Raffi, Sharon Lois & Bram, the Wiggles, etc.